At our restaurant, we love being a gathering place for this community and are focused on being a thriving, relevant and indelible part of Irvine." Jeremy and Meredith are focused on developing their team to reach its full potential. They believe that everyone has the opportunity to be the best version of themselves within their organization, and can contribute in many ways. Are you looking for an opportunity to step up and reach your potential? Apply today!

Our Story:
Jeremy and Meredith Starnes moved from North Carolina to Orange County in 2013 with their daughter, Laeklyn, to help grow the Chick-fil-A brand in Southern California. They both grew up with the brand, and were excited to join the team that brought Chick-fil-A's vision of service and hospitality to the West Coast. "Irvine is such a unique place," says Jeremy, "with values and a culture that lines up with Chick-fil-A easily.